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    Equal Access to Justice

    We believe the Justice System works best when it works for everyone.

    Supporting programs that increase the public’s understanding of the law and promote equal access to justice is the mission of the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation

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    Welcome from our President

    The PA Bar Foundation is the philanthropic partner of the Pennsylvania Bar Association dedicated to helping Pennsylvania’s youth be better citizens and to making Pennsylvania’s judicial system more accessible to all. Learn how you can help too by participating in our programs, serving on our committees, and contributing to our efforts.

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    Recognizing Pro Bono Service

    Since 1989, the Louis J. Goffman Award has been given to an individual and/or an organization in recognition of outstanding pro bono service. Meet our past recipients

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    Loan Repayment Assistance

    Helping attorneys employed at IOLTA-funded legal services organizations across the state better manage their undergraduate and law school student loan debt so they can afford to remain in public service. The next application cycles starts on September 1, 2018.

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    Thank You, Fellows!
    Thank you Law Firm Fellows!

    These people are helping to make a better justice system through their generous contributions. Is your name on the list?


    The Pennsylvania Bar Foundation was created in response to the organized bar’s desire to become more involved in public service.

    • We work to improve the public’s understanding of the law and our judicial system.
    • We strive to ensure citizens have full and equal access to justice through our legal system.

    You Can Make a Difference

    Since 1984, the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation has served as a center of philanthropy for Pennsylvania’s legal community. Please join our efforts.



    Supporting programs that increase the public’s understanding of the law and promote equal access to justice.

    Become a Foundation Fellow

    You can be an individual member or a law firm member by signing up today.

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