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    Mock Trial

    One of the largest in the nation, the PBA/YLD Mock Trial Competition gives more than 300 high school student teams from across the state the opportunity to act as lawyers and witnesses in simulated civil and criminal trials before actual judges and panels of juries. Lawyers volunteer to assist students as team advisors, scorekeepers and regional coordinators. Each year, the winning team goes on to represent Pennsylvania in the national competition.

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    2020 Mock Trial Competition Schedule
    2020 Coordinator's list
    2020 Participating Schools

    Region/District Map

    1. Case Materials *Will be posted on November 1st
    2. Code of Civility
    3. Code of Ethical Conduct
    4. Conflict Dates Form
    5. Guidelines for Attorney Advisors
    6. Guidelines for Jurors
    7. Guidelines for Presiding Judges
    8. Hints of Preparing for the Competition
    9. Matrix Scoring *Will be posted at a later date
      • Matrix Scoring NHSMT
      • Matrix Scoring Teams
    10. Mock Trial Learner Outcomes
    11. Philadelphia Rules *Will be posted at a later date
    12. Rules of Competition
    13. Rules of Evidence *PA uses the National Mock Trial Rules of Evidence
    14. Scoresheet *Will be posted at a later date
    15. Supplement to Case Materials *Will be posted at a later date
    16. Student Timekeeper Guidelines
    17. Teaching Tips
    18. Trial Roster Form

    If you have any questions about the 2020 Mock Trial Competition, please contact PBA/YLD Coordinator Maria Engles at 1-800-932-0311 ext. 2223 or maria.engles@pabar.org.

    To view past case materials click here.



    100 South Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

    Phone: 800-932-0311

    Western Pennsylvania Office:

    Heinz 57 Center, 339 Sixth Avenue, Suite 760
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Phone: 412-914-8840